Evolution 2020 Revenue Report

‘Evolution 12-Month Profits hit 284.6 Million Euros For 2020! (image source: unsplash.com)

The final quarter of Evolution’s public financial reports are now on the table, and they are impressive! After the 4th quarter figures came in, it prevails that Evolution 12-month profits hit €284.6 million in 2020.

It was a strong year for a brand that made a €1.6 billion acquisition of NetEnt, which brought 2 brands (NetEnt + Red Tiger) over to the Evolution camp. Although that acquisition is almost 6 times the profit reported, the purchase counts as an add-on asset, hence we do not see a huge billion-dollar deficit—just in case you were wondering. In fact, not only is the acquisition an asset worth €1.6 billion, but it is also 2 profitable brands adding to Evolution’s revenue!

Adding to this, Evolution shows tremendous resilience. It still turned over a quarter of a billion Euro profit despite German iGaming markets coming offline as online casinos in the country prepare themselves to separate live dealer gaming from video slots, COVID-19 closing many of Evolution’s Dual Play tables, and the expense of opening a new US-based Pennsylvania studio, yet, this investment was a solid one as the state continues with record-breaking iGaming profits!

Also, over in New Jersey where Evolution has both Ezugi and Evolution studios, Evolution live games are available in most online casinos. The Garden state’s iGaming market is the most valuable in the USA, which became clear after the NJ gambling commission recently announced that New Jersey online casinos alone recorded US$932 million revenue (€769 million) in 12 months!

4th Quarter Report: +51% Versus the Same Period in 2019

Evolution doubled its growth since last year’s 4th quarter period. It also increases profits slightly compared to 2020’s 3rd quarter figures, which came in at €79.4 million compared to 4th quarter profits of €80.6 million. It’s not a huge rise, but it shows consistency amid change after bringing NetEnt and Red Tiger onboard during that 3-month end-of-year financial quarter, which cost Evolution €19.4 million in acquisition and restructuring costs!

Q4 2020 Financial Figures Vs Q4 2019

  • €80.6 million Q4 2020 Profit
  • 68% increase in Operating Revenues to €177.7 million
  • 87% EBITDA increase €96.6 million
  • €0.42 earnings per share for investors

12-Month Financial Figures Vs 2019

  • €284.6 million profit from Q1 to Q4 2020
  • 53% increase in Operating Revenues to €561.1 million
  • 82% EBITDA increase €332.2 million
  • €1.55 earnings per share for investors

Check out Evolution’s 3rd Quarter revenue report here!

What Does 2021 Hold for Evolution?

2021 should become another blockbuster year for Evolution if 2020 and its previous year-on-year performances are anything to go by.

This is certainly a company to look out for and one that shows promise for those looking to make a potentially successful share investment. In short, judging by past performances, Evolution is financially strong, while anyone into live dealer gaming will know that Evolution is still way ahead of the competition in terms of game selection and accessibility of live games.

With NetEnt, Red Tiger, Ezugi, and Evolution brands all operating under the Evolution spearhead, it is hard to see another scenario other than profits continuing to rise.

On top of this, there is Evolution’s US expansion which could see a 3rd US-based live studio open in a Michigan land-based casino, while West Virginia is also another option, but we have not seen much news linking Evolution and the West Virginia iGaming market at this time.

Evolution Profits Will Likely Rise in Sync with Live Dealer iGaming Revenues

A recent report shows that although live dealer gaming’s fast growth quickly gaining a 32% market share in 8 years’ worth €5.3 billion of the iGaming industry’s overall revenue. And although this report shows that market share will decline to roughly 30% over the next half a decade, the revenue share of live dealer gaming is set to rise to €7.28 billion!

Evolution and Ezugi are sure to continue with expansion, new partnerships, and the release of new live game titles and there is also the possibility of the iGaming market opening up in India, but whether that happens this year or within the next 5 years remains to be seen!

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