GambleAware Announce New Pilot Project to Aid Fight Against Problem Gambling

GambleAware Announce New Pilot Project that over 3-years will extend the treatment given to those suffering from gambling addiction. (Image from Martin Sanchez at

Those suffering from problems caused by gambling will have additional support made available to them, as GambleAware announces plans to go ahead with the pilot project, a project that will provide additional support for the next 3 years.

The latest news from GambleAware is that the independent commission has announced plans to launch an experimental project to improve the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) supply for rehabilitation measures to those suffering from gambling disorders.

The Pilot Project

There will be a 3-year project which will extend the NGTS (National Gambling Treatment Service) treatment, for those who suffer from any form of gambling disorder. Adferiad Recovery has been allowed to collaborate with Gordon Moody to help adults who have gambling disorders. The project will see a residential rehabilitation method practised, focusing specifically on those suffering co-morbidly with either alcohol or/and substance abuse disorders. GambleAware and Adferiad Recovery are two safer gambling organisations that have a strong history together. They share the same values, and the expertise and skills they possess complement each other, allowing them to become far more effective.

Individuals will be given control of their own treatment, as well as the speed at which they go, which shows that recovery is not always sequential. Those who undergo treatment will play a key role in the planning process, with the optional support of their friends and families. The service provided aims to be a tailor-made method of recovery, with the user having personal goals, and focusing on their strengths. The treatment will comprise detoxification, (gambling) residential rehabilitation, and mental health (acute) rehabilitation/support.

Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody look to engage with groups that are hard to reach, such as ethnic minorities, younger people, and women, as a way to provide support for safer gambling organisations such as the GambleAware cause.

Who is GambleAware?

GambleAware, which last year invested £2.5m to expand its services into Scotland and Wales, works independently as a charity to fund education, treatment services, and research, intending to dramatically reduce the number of people currently suffering from gambling-related causes in Great Britain. GambleAware is not a provider of services, rather, it is a grant-making and commissioning body. Research on gambling behaviour is critical to the long-term future of the industry. The body hopes that the extended treatment afforded by the Pilot Project will go some way to aiding those with gambling addiction, a better path to recovery.