Gambling Commission Wins Regulatory Excellence Award From IAGR

UKGC wins IAGR Award. This is the Regulatory Excellence Award proving that the commission has helped ensure better consumer protection. (image Source:

The Gambling Commission has announced that the IAGR (International Association of Gaming Regulators) has awarded it the Regulatory Excellence Award. The award is a part of the inaugural 2021 International Regulatory Awards, which the IAGR runs.

The awards were announced at a Gala Dinner at the annual IAGR conference in Boston. Gambling regulation is complex and distinctive; thus, the goal of the new award is to acknowledge outstanding regulators in the gambling industry who are actively driving the industry forward through regulations and game policy. The award also aims to recognize the achievements of gambling regulators and their teams, including the most creative and effective responsible gambling campaign.

All of the regulators were judged by a panel of independent experts and fellow gambling regulators. The Gambling Commission won the award for its Industry Challenge Initiatives. In this forum, other gambling industries are called upon to team up with the Gambling Commission on three significant areas of concern that require rapid progress to protect consumers from harm and other gambling risks.

The three areas include:

  • Product and game design
  • Incentives for VIP schemes or High-Value Consumers
  • The use of Ad-tec in diverting advertising targets away from vulnerable adults, young people, and children.

The results achieved so far impressed the judges. The high engagement levels with the gambling industry gave rise to different regulatory actions such as designing games to be safer, taking drastic steps on ad-tech, and eradicating irresponsible practices common to the VIPs. IAGR Trustee Catherine Myers explained that the UK Gambling Commission got the award because of how closely they have worked with the industry through a wide-scale collaboration, resulting in better consumer protection – this includes land-based operations, online casinos, UK live casinos, retail and online sports betting, bingo and more.

She then congratulated the Gambling Commission and thanked those who submitted nominations. In similar news, the Gambling Commission also announced the appointment of Ben Haden (formerly Director of Research) as the new IAGR Vice Chairman. Haden has since assumed the role immediately after the announcement, and he will now be responsible for formulating strategies for the growth of IAGR. He will also develop the program for the 2022 IAGR conference scheduled for Australia.

About The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission is a regulatory body that regulates gambling activities in the UK. Aside from regulation, the commission also advises and guides businesses and individuals and grants licenses to gaming firms that have the required criteria. Just recently, the commission appointed Marcus Boyle as its new chair and we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the commission.

About the IAGR Award

The inaugural IAGR award is the result of a new idea by the association to henceforth recognize and celebrate top regulators in the gambling industry for their exceptional contribution. The award has two categories; Best Regulatory Campaign and Regulatory Excellence, each having its areas of specialization. The award also has terms and conditions, including eligibility for nomination,



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