GAMSTOP Reveals Registrations Increased 28%

GAMSTOP reveals registrations increased 28% in 2021. It is evident that people need the help of the GAMSTOP free-exclusion service (Image from Markus Spiske on

GAMSTOP has maintained that one of the increasingly important tools remains self-exclusion. This is for individuals searching for ways to get themselves away from online gambling. The view from GAMSTOP is coming after the numbers of registration did not drop all year.

Reports from the free national scheme for self-exclusion show a 28% year-on-year rise in registrations in 2021, with a major increase of 25% YOY reported in the initial six months of the year. This was in comparison to the same period in 2020. There was a further increase in the figure from July – December 2021, with a 30% increase. This saw the total number of registrants on GAMSTOP at over 250,000 by the turn of the year.

GAMSTOP Annual Review to Provide Better Insights

GAMSTOP’s annual review has been kicked off to provide better insight into the GAMSTOP platform trends and gambling behaviours all over the UK. GAMSTOP is the free online gambling self-exclusion scheme in the UK. Here, players become part of it by inputting their personal information and picking one of three periods: Six months, twelve months, or five years. After making their selection, they are then self-excluded from every online gambling site in the UK until their selected exclusion period is over.

More Women are Signing up on GAMSTOP – They now represent 30% of all signups

There is also evidence in the review that there is a continuous rise in the number of women signing up to GAMSTOP. Now, it makes up for over 75,000 of the overall registrants on GAMSTOP. If this registration does not close, almost 100,000 women will have signed up to the platform by the end of 22.
Men still make up to 70% of registrations, while women account for 30%. Also, registrants between the ages of 25 – 34 make up for 43%. It was also noted that out of the 257,000 registrants on GAMSTOP, most chose to leave their exclusion in place, with over 235,000 still being excluded from gambling online.

Also, there has been a slight change in the length of exclusion individuals are placing on themselves. In 2021, 50% of the registrants picked 5 years, which was the max exclusion period. 24% went with one year, while 26% chose six months. These numbers are not the same as the all-time split, where 55% selected five years, and 22% went with six months. However, the increase in numbers is evident, considering the overall registrations stood at a 21% increase last year.
The CEO of GAMESTOP Makes a Statement

GAMSTOP CEO Fiona Palmer had the following to say:

Understanding the profile of registrants in GAMSTOP is essential if we plan to keep ensuring that we get across to anyone who can get help from the GAMSTOP service. Registrations have not dropped throughout 2021. Although it is difficult to determine how the pandemic must have influenced this, it is obvious that self-exclusion is a tool that is becoming increasingly vital to those who want to remove the urge of online gambling. We are lucky to have many devoted partners who are constantly working to increase the awareness of the GAMSTOP service. She also added that she wanted to make sure their thanks to all the partners went on record. In conclusion, the CEO mentioned they would continue working hard to ensure people can access tools vital to their recovery.

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