Pragmatic Makes Donations to Numerous Charities

Pragmatic Makes Donations to Numerous Charities. Some of these include the Homeless Animal Hospital & The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation. (Image Source:

Pragmatic Play is a very popular provider of online casino games that understands how to make amazing games, and it has an extensive collection of popular games to prove this. However, this developer also cares about its environment, just like it cares about developing amazing games. Recently, the developer offered a €7,700 donation to show its support for the  Homeless Animal Hospital in Romania. This is an NGO that assists and offers treatment to animals without homes in Romania.

The Romania Animal Rescue, in collaboration with World Animal Veterinary Emissaries, is carrying out this project. The latter is a collection of 20 doctors, auxiliary staff, and nurses to assist animals. The program assists cats and dogs that have been abandoned in shelters and come from families with low incomes. Also, they could belong to disadvantaged groups that don’t have the resources to pay for private veterinary treatment.

Statement from Pragmatic Play’s Head of Games Development

Cătălin Bratosin, Pragmatic Play’s Head of Games Development, stated that:

Pragmatic Play incorporates respect, kindness, and compassion in all areas of its vision and offers support for those who are fighting towards a world that is secure, healthy, and cruelty-free—using the funds received from donations, the Homeless Animal Hospital channels energy into the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, sterilization, and treatment of more animals than ever. The NGO aids in saving the lives of numerous stray pets and providing emergency care to every animal that needs it.

Cătălin Bratosin further stated that he was proud to belong to an organization that contributes proactively to the well-being of numerous communities, understanding that its responsibilities go beyond the gaming sector and strives to improve the lives of those around out of real compassion.

Statement from Pragmatic Play’s CEO

Julian Jarvis, the Pragmatic Play’s CEO, stated that:

The significance of pets in people’s lives is very crucial, but if one of these pets falls sick, it can be very hectic for vulnerable families to make payment for treatment. The Homeless Animal Hospital provides support to those that require it, including animals that have been abandoned, to make certain that they can live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

He concluded by saying that they were very serious about their commitment to society and are happy they can offer support to such a crucial institution.

Other Philanthropical Feats by Pragmatic Play

The donation to The Homeless Animal Hospital is not the only act of Philanthropy that has been displayed by Pragmatic Play of recent. Some days back, the developer donated €21,000 to a project supported by a leading NGO in Romania named The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation. The NGO will use the donation to rehabilitate the  Clinical Institute Fundeni’s 7th floor, which is devoted to the children’s oncology section. The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation was developed in 2007, and its focus is on safeguarding kids that have been separated from their parents and help them integrate into society successfully. Of recent, the foundation’s efforts have been to help public hospitals in the renovation of sections dedicated to kids.

Pragmatic Play has been committed to helping out charities. It has donated to a range of causes in  Malta, donating  €5,000 to Women for Women to mark the international women’s day and play a vital role in refurbishing Prior Park School’s sports pitch in Gibraltar, etc.  Pragmatic Play also publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on Twitter, and here is another example of a generous firm dishing out more donations in Malta.



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