Jonas Delin Says Authentic Gaming is Eager And Agile To Experiment

Jonas Delin Says Authentic Gaming is Eager And Agile To Experiment. The firm is focused on creating unique and tailored products. (Image by Aidan Howe on Unsplash)

Although the live casino vertical began slowly, it still managed to hold a huge potential right from the start. Today, firms like Authentic gaming call the shots in the market by producing fresh compelling games.  The firm is focused on creating unique and tailored products rather than simply copying existing successful products out there in the market. This focus helps Authentic Gaming to stand out among competitors while also pushing for advancement in the live casino sector.

Jonas Delin (founder of Authentic Gaming) knows the challenges and requirements of constantly being at the front of innovation. So, Jonas was approached for an interview in the framework of the new XL Roulette which Authentic Gaming just released. The new release follows the company’s established custom of providing live casino gamers with a unique gaming experience.

Here are the extracts from the interview:

Question: Can you please tell us more about the ‘player-first approach’ that sets the new XL Roulette from Authentic Gaming as a top choice for consumers?

The new XL Roulette is a version of the generally popular Roulette game with multipliers that has recorded the biggest success in live casinos. At Authentic Gaming, the original version of Roulette which Evolution Gaming launched a few years ago inspired us to create this new version. XL Roulette stands out as a better option for players who love the game as it provides them with up to eleven Lucky Numbers for each spin with a payout of 50 to 500 times while the original version gives players just 5 Lucky Numbers.

Besides, the optimal theoretical Return to Player ratio (RTP) for XL Roulette (including straight-up bets) is 97.3% while the original version has a 97.1% straight-up RTP. The difference might seem little but for every million dollars players wager on this game, they will get 2,000 dollars added to their winnings in XL Roulette. When you consider that Roulette’s original version is the most famous live roulette in the universe with wagers up to billions of dollars, players will be 2 million dollars better off for every billion dollars they wager when they play XL Roulette.

Question: What player base will be best appealed with the features of XL Roulette and what particular feature will appeal most to players in XL Roulette

XL Roulette allows players to choose the volatility that they feel is best suited to their needs. They can play the game in 4 different modes that only differ with the number of Lucky Numbers that will be triggered. There is an XXXL mode that gives players a maximum of eleven Lucky Numbers for each spin with a payout of 50-500x per spin. XXL is another mode in XL Roulette that gives players between 2 and 8 Lucky Numbers, while XL gives them between 1 and 5. With every Lucky Numbers paying high, the standard straight-up payout will be reduced for the players.

One basic feature that players will like is the opportunity to switch the modes in-between game rounds while they can equally totally deactivate the Lucky Number feature if they wish. In this case, the players can choose to play XL Roulette with the regular roulette paytable. So, XL Roulette caters to the needs and tastes of several types of players. The traditionalist and conventional players can stick to the regular roulette paytable while enjoying the amiable presenters of the game show and the fascinating studio without cutting their chances for straight-up bets while chasing Lucky Numbers.

On the other hand, players who are in search of big payouts and thrill will cover almost a 3rd of the roulette table in the XXXL mode with Lucky Numbers. Moreover, since players can change game modes in-between rounds, they can easily switch on to XXXL for just a few rounds if they feel that their favorite numbers are coming with 500 times payouts, they can then switch back to the regular paytable when they desire.

Question: What changes have been recorded in the live market since Authentic Gaming was launched and what milestone events have taken place?

Well, this question is quite complex as it could take a whole essay, but I should keep my answer sweet and short. A few key development and trends have driven growth in the live market since we launched. To begin with, technological advancements over the past few years have improved the reliability and quality of live streaming such that they are now at the same level as digital TV. Similarly, anyone can now access live streaming with even a not-too-strong internet connection.

Furthermore, smartphones have now penetrated the world just like other forms of online gambling such that almost everyone now owns a super-powerful, easily accessible, readily available, high-speed casino in their pocket. We have also seen online video become a global megatrend. A recent study published by CISCO in the renowned Forbes magazine proposes that by 2022, 82 percent of all consumer’s internet traffic will be made up of online video which represents 15 times the number it was in 2017.

Lastly, just as Instagram and TikTok are making the lines between entertainment and media gradually thin, live casino is also going in the same direction such that entertainment and gambling are combining into a singular entity. Many entertaining games that are easy to understand are on the rise as they are being launched non-stop to give players instant gratification. Traditional gamers might not necessarily find these games appealing, but the games are expanding the player base massively by competing for a bigger audience. The games are competing for six hours and forty-eight minutes of n average person’s time which he spends watching videos online every day of the week.

Question: What role is customization playing in the product line of Authentic Gaming and to what extent can it go?

Over time, the live casino has grown into one of the most essential sources of revenue for operators. The vertical may have been between 10 and 15 percent of the overall GGR of an operator a few years ago. However, the vertical of some operators today is up to 40 to 50 percent of their online casino dealings. Based on this shift in player preference and behavior, operators now put a lot of resources and investment behind their live casino offerings. Most live casino strategy employed by operators is to offer unique gaming experience to their players. These strategies set the operators apart and make them stand out from the competition to establish player loyalty.

All the major elements that make up the experience of the live casino player are well customized. Starting from the general ambiance and studio design to how the presenters/dealers represent the operator brand, the way players engage with dealers and the overall game execution can all be customized. If the customization is rightly done, it can create a constantly evolving and highly unique player experience that drives growth in income from existing players and also becomes a powerful tool in the acquisition of new players.

Part of the strength and beauty of Authentic Gaming is that we are not yet a giant but we are eager and super agile to experiment. Authentic Gaming’s live platform built with scalability and customization as its cornerstones is totally legacy-free. The Cricket Roulette Studio developed by Authentic Gaming and operated for Betway is a good example of how far Authentic has gone in offering complete flexibility to its customers in customizing all player experience elements.

Question: Are there going to be more versions of XL in the future?

The original strategy of Authentic Gaming was to be a leader in live roulette and now we only offer the best of live roulette in the market. Our strategy is now to scale up operations and expand our product mix as there is still room for improvement in terms of roulette experience. Authentic Gaming is now focused on launching baccarat and blackjack in the third quarter of the year and also to take the firm to a full live casino supplier that will cover all classic table games from the single-game provider it is now.

The company has some top customized roulette experiences launched for its individual operator clients for the next few months. It equally has a soon-to-be-launched new live roulette format which will go live across its network in Q3.

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