Man Nicknamed Singapore’s Robin Hood

Man Nicknamed Singapore’s Robin Hood. Mave uses his earnings from gambling in online casinos to help those in need. (Image by Tom Parsons on Unsplash)

People often gamble to have fun and also get huge wins but some of them end up getting addicted and this causes lots of harm to them and their families. Thus, some people avoid gambling for the fears of addiction, especially when they see that those who are already addicted find it difficult to break out of it. The gambling addicts are further lured by the gratifying taste of victory, dazzling lights, and entertaining sounds and they sometimes end up with huge debts.

However, not everyone who gambles is an addict and not everyone loses either because some people gamble responsibly and they end up with huge wins. These people sometimes get big wins in casinos through experience and talent, although most of the time, the casino wins.

In a recent Mustshare news report it was revealed a man going by “Mave Mason” (pseudonym), a TikToker in Singapore is one such person that can leave the casino floor as a winner on many occasions and he has turned lives around through gambling. Mave has strong gambling expertise and he also knows how to turn the baccarat table into a profit.

Mave also has strong self-control, which enables him to walk away even when he is on a winning streak, unlike many other gamblers who would continue and might end up losing. He is a man of high values and discipline. What primarily differentiates Mave from many other gamblers is that he uses his gambling winnings to help less fortunate people and turn their lives around, unlike most gamblers who compound and store up their wealth. Mave also imparts knowledge to these souls so that they can exit the gambling world. This explains why Mave has now been nicknamed Singapore’s Robin Hood by Netizens.

Mave uses TikTok to Encourage Good Gambling Practices

In an interview with MS News, Mave stated that he had a troubled childhood owing to his parents’ gambling habits. However, he was determined to tread a different part and save his parents because of his inherent goodness, so he refined his gambling skills and gambled responsibly. This enabled Mave to turn the same gambling that plagued his childhood into one which brought him into the limelight and got him wealth.

Mave now works at a research equities firm in a senior management role as he is out of dark times. He has traveled all over the world for over fifteen years for gambling’s sake. This has given him a lot of exposure and made him see lots of disturbed souls who are addicted to gambling and have lost all or almost all to it and yet still keeps betting. So, Mave was inspired to make a difference in the lives of these people, so he set up an account on TikTok where he shares the lessons he has learned from gambling as well as his gambling habits. Although it is not strange to see TikTok accounts giving out advice on gambling, Mave’s approach is quite different as his views on gambling speaks volume with his first amendment advising all gamblers not to start at all.

Shared Gambling Winnings and Projects on TikTok

Some people might find it lofty that a person enters the internet space (like TikTok) to preach the gambling gospel. This is why Mave came up with a plan that will make his words significant. After contemplating for a while, Mave decided to make videos of his charitable efforts in reaching out to unfortunate souls. He hoped that doing this would make gamblers heed his gambling advice. Mave uploads these videos on TikTok. In the video, the unfortunate life conditions of different people who had seen better days are described.

These videos Mave post on TikTok enjoys so many views and has amassed thousands of likes and Mave can only hope that the video touches the minds of those that need it most. People who had seen better days before experiencing unfortunate life situations are down on luck due to many reasons and many people often do unthinkable things to sort out their issues.

Mave listens to stories and then uses his gambling prowess to get profits at baccarat tables. He ensures that he leaves the casino under an hour even when he keeps winning. Mave also told MS News that he is advocating for a fast turnaround. In his words, the Singaporean Robin Hood advised gamblers not to take the casino as an entertainment location but should rather go in and gamble. He added that they should win around 10 to 15 percent of their bankroll with the lowest amount of hands and should not hesitate to opt-out. He concluded that gamblers should not look back for their fear of being tempted to play again.  Mave always gifts his winnings from gambling to disadvantaged people while he makes them promise that they will continue with such kindness.

Mave Assists A Single Mother in a Heart Warming Show of Kindness

Many people often reach out to Mave Mason, the renowned philanthropist with some of them filmed while some are not. However, Mave ensures that he assists them in one way or the other. He sometimes just listens to their story while he also gives out small loans in some cases. Out of all the lives Mave has touched positively, Zoey’s case is the most impactful story. Zoey became a single mother after escaping her abusive husband in Malaysia.

She came to Singapore afterward with her young wards by her side. She has almost nothing and had to seek assistance from anyone willing to give her hope of a new life. Helped by a social worker, Zoey was able to get accommodation (rental unit). Since she now had a place to stay, she then began to seek employment, but she did not record any success.  Zoey then sought help from Mave with the hope that he would assist her in getting employment even if it was just a simple job where she can close by 6:30 pm so that she can have time to get her wards from the daycare. She did not even have high job ambitions for a fancy job, she just needed something that would help her make ends meet.

When Zoey’s story got to Mave, he noticed her innocent wards patched up with bandages. As a father himself, Mave was touched that the kids will possibly have a lower life through no fault of theirs. Mave decided to help Zoey, so he journeyed to Marina Bay Sands and gifted her 3,000 dollars. Even though she could not get a job, Zoey appreciated the kind gesture and even shed tears of joy. Mave won the 3,000 dollars from a baccarat table so he posted the video of his winning and the moment he gave out the money and uploaded it on TikTok.

Communities Heartstrings Touched By Personal Mission

The video of Zoey’s story and Mave’s involvement was viewed by a lot of TikTokers and more people were touched to reach out to the single mother. Some of the other kind gestures Zoey received include laptops donated for her family, offers to buy her milk powder for her kids, and she finally got lots of employment opportunities. Zoey’s case made Mave understand that helping people who are hurting pulls a lot of heartstrings. He said he realized that it was not only his effort that helped Zoey. He added that there are people who believe in and admire what he does such that they are also encouraged to play an active part in helping people.

Mave concluded that Zoey’s life has changed totally with several people doing a little bit. Mave left Zoey building on the confidence that her life will turn around and that she will attain success. He then implored her not to forget the kindness she enjoyed from everyone and that she should also do the same for anyone who might later need it.

Be Kind and Pay That Kindness Forward

Although Mave’s initial plan was to educate gamblers, he soon found himself turning people’s lives around, especially those that are less fortunate. However, he has not stopped giving out life-changing advice (small or big) via his Discord Server, where he does everything in his capacity to help others. The Robin Hood (as bestowed on Mave by Netizens) aims to leave a legacy behind whereby his kindness is further repaid forward, despite having grown up in a life of hardship. This is something the Grosvenor Casinos have also taken heed of, as the brand recently gave away 25,000 meals to those in need around London.

Mave wants to teach people how they can run a fish farm rather than teach them how to fish so that they can escape hardship life. Mave shared that the name “Mave Mason” does not have any special meaning, as it is just a brand name he uses to denote responsible gaming and extending it forward.

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