Pragmatic Play Releases Boom City Live Gameshow

Pragmatic Play Live Releases Boom City, an epic new live casino gameshow that offers 3 bonus games and a top payout of 20,000x the stake! (Image from

Pragmatic Play Live has been in the news a lot recently due to forming new partnerships across the Latam iGaming markets, but now they are back delivering what we love best. That is right, Pragmatic Play Live has finally launched the live casino game many of us have been waiting for. Boom City, an exciting new live gameshow, is now available at partnering online casinos around the globe.

At first glance, this looks similar to Evolution’s Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt due to a grid system replacing the standard giant wheel found on many other live gameshows. However, once you actually play a few rounds, you will realise that is where the similarities end.

The Boom City game revolves around a 6×6 grid and two dice. Gold and blue, the values of the two dice determine which grid position is the winner. That could be a multiplier of your stake, a power-up that could cause a chain reaction that increases the multipliers in view or one of three exciting bonus rounds. Each of those bonus rounds will lead to the potential of massively increased multipliers while one pits the two dice against each other. Pick the wrong dice and you will walk away with nothing while those that picked correctly win it all. Of course, there are also ‘Bust’ symbols that can end the round without rewarding anyone with a prize! On the flip side, Boom City has a capped max payout of an astonishing 20,000x the stake!

All the above is delivered using state-of-the-art 4k cameras, webcam streaming technology, a betting interface that includes round history as far back as 500, and a chat room that lets you enjoy the action while chatting with other players and even the personable live host. The presentation and production are top-notch, as you might expect from one of the iGaming industry’s leading live casino brands.

On the release of this latest live casino game, Yossi Barzely, Pragmatic Play Live’s Chief Business Development Officer, said:

Boom City offers various bonuses, features and outcomes that will appeal to both Live Casino fans and those that love easy-to-play entertainment games.

A Bit More About Pragmatic Play’s Boom City Live Gameshow

I will not go into too much detail regarding the game itself, as I have previously covered all of that here. This is a title that we have known about for some time. Since the firm showcased it at the London 2022 ICE Exhibition, in fact. Frankly, having played Boom City quite a bit, it is definitely one of the best presented and most intuitive of the live gameshows from Pragmatic Play live so far. The studio looks fantastic as it is colourful, smart, and obviously uses cutting-edge technology.

As for the game itself, there is so much going on in this fast-paced game. That ensures that you’re never bored. In fact, it might be a little too fast on occasions, as it is not uncommon to run out of time when deciding and placing your bets. Essentially, you bet on the 1x, 2x, 5x, and/or the bonus features you think might trigger. The role of the dice determines the column and row on the 6×6 grid and it is where the two meet that is the winning section.

If you land a power-up, it removes all ‘Bust’ symbols and replaces them with multiplier symbols of between 20x and 50x and also replaces other 26 other randomly selected symbols with these multiplier symbols. You then get a free re-roll of the dice with these improved multipliers in view. It is also possible to land up to 5 power up symbols in a row – which, as you can imagine, can drastically increase the multipliers on the board.

Even more fun comes in the form of the three bonus games. You can trigger a Boom or Bust bonus feature that is a risk or reward-style game. You gamble on each step of a ladder in a similar way to Evolution’s Cash or Crash. The higher you climb, the larger the multipliers, but also the higher the risk. Then there is the Lucky Drop bonus, which tasks you with choosing a die value. The dice are both rolled three times and whenever your value lands, multipliers drop from above to improve your overall multiplier win. As for the Dice Battle bonus, you have to choose one of the dice. If you dice rolls in the highest total from three rolls, you win that total value, and the other dice’s total value, as a combined multiplier win. Pick the wrong dice and you go away with nothing!

Verdict: Boom City is certainly a ton of fun and will appeal not just to fans of classic live dealer games but also to those that like the chance of winning big payouts from relatively small outlays. If you are yet to try it, make your way to a Pragmatic Play Live casino today!

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