Kindred Unibet Dedciated Live Studio

‘Pragmatic Play to Build Dedicated Kindred Unibet Live Studio!’ (Image source:

Kindred Unibet signed off on a deal that will bring Pragmatic Play Live’s unmatched skills and knowledge to create a dedicated Kindred Unibet Live Studio.

The 1 March 2021 press release from Pragmatic Play gives away the fact that the Kindred Unibet dedicated environment will use the Pragmatic Play Bucharest studios in Romania, where the brand streams its shared live dealer titles to the world. Recently Pragmatic Play also added 2 new speed baccarat tables, a Mega Roulette table, and is about to launch its brand new ‘One Blackjack Live table’.

For Kindred Unibet, this is the chance to bring in dedicated dealers and croupiers exclusively available to its live casino members. The lion’s share of the dedicated tables will be Blackjack and Roulette while Kindred Unibet should also offer titles such as Mega Wheel, Speed Baccarat, Mega Roulette, Mega Sic Bo, One Blackjack and more!

Pragmatic Play has a stern reputation for providing high-quality HTML5 games available on both mobile and desktop via HD webcam streams and state-of-the-art betting software. For Kindred Unibet, the partnership was a no brainer, and for Pragmatic Play, it is another formidable deal that further solidifies its position within the live casino iGaming sphere!

Why Did Kindred Unibet Choose a Dedicated Live Casino Solution?

Kindred already connects to Pragmatic Play Live games, which was part of a previous deal that uses shared live dealer games from the Bucharest studio. The latest partnership is essentially an upgrade for the Kindred Unibet casino so the players can experience dedicated live gaming with lower waiting times and exclusive bonus deals!

The fad to sign deals that give live casino brands dedicated games is 2 fold! With dedicated tables, the number of players at the tables is considerably reduced, while the brand gets to enhance its reputation by showing off the fact that it has exclusive table games!

Less Queuing: In a shared environment, up to 100 live casinos can connect to the same tables which creates multiple peak hours as each time zone has a unique ‘rush hours’ so to speak. London is the last time zone to hit the 7 pm to 9 pm peak hours on weekdays, which is usually when tables are most crowded as many European countries are 1 to 3 hours ahead so ‘rush hours’ clash.

On Fridays, the tables are usually packed out for most of the evening and late into the night while weekends are busy but spread out.

For the most part, this affects blackjack and poker tables, while baccarat and other games use unlimited features. Therefore, dedicated studios mostly benefit blackjack players, which is the most popular live table game across Europe.

Brand Image/Rep: Of course, operating tables with the casino’s brand logo is a marketing gimmick that keeps the brand unique and in player’s minds. It also shows the casino is willing to go the extra mile and splash out and give its members a unique and unified gaming experience. Many of the dealers and croupiers are also exclusive to the brand giving players that play in a dedicated environment a unique experience.

Right now. Pragmatic Play has only just released its new partnership agreement, while the timeline for the new Kindred Unibet Live Studio is not yet confirmed. However, usually, these operations are streamlined to perfection, so we can expect the service to be up and running within the next couple of months.

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