Quick Gaming Race for Cash Teaser

Quick Gaming Releases Race for Cash Teaser. This is a new live race title that is set to be released in both Single and Multiplayer.(Image Source YouTube.com – Quik Gaming)

Quik Gaming has released a teaser on its YouTube page for its upcoming live casino game titled Race for Cash.

This brand-new live dealer developer is known to offer an exceptional and unique lotto-style live casino experience, so we can expect the same level of quality from Race of Cash as we have seen with it other titles.

In the new promo video, the new game looks outstanding, and we are now hyped for the official game release coming soon, so watch this space. In the meantime, you can check out the YouTube teaser video here, and read our take on Race for Cash below. You will need to be logged into YouTube and over the age of 18 to watch it as the video has age restrictions attached.

So, what do we know about Race for Cash so far? Let’s find out.

An Eccentric Retro Theme and Design

This game promises to keep players on the edge of their seats as it bridges the sports betting tournament, live casino, and RNG slot game approach by shaping its draw machine like a race track. With its retro sports/racing theme, you can expect pink, purple, and blue lighting effects to cover the action as the balls race around the track.

It’s almost a hypnotic effect as you cheer on numbers to make it through the finish line in the correct order. Like most of its other live titles, Quik Gaming aims to release this live game in both ‘single’ and ‘multiplayer’ to maximize the fun. The design looks great, and this does not come as a surprise since the developer is not known to compromise on this aspect. It also seems that the developer has included a fantastic soundtrack which makes the game feel even more exciting.

How to Play – Simple But Effective Lotto Gameplay with a Racing Twist

The goal of the game is for players to determine the racer who will be first in the race. Race for Cash uses balls to race around the track before they are stacked up in the tube above the game. It is extremely easy as all you need to do is bet on the ball that will win and sit back. The game promises a multiplier in every round ranging from 10x to as high as 20x. This means if you play right, you stand a chance to win huge amounts playing this live title. Race for Cash also promises a tournament championship that allows you to battle it out with other players. The winner takes all in this tournament, and it is certainly a game one can enjoy with friends. A presenter hosts the game via a webcam, ensuring you keep up with each step of the game.

Get Ready For a Roar on the Tracks On Your Mobile or Desktop Device

We expect that Race for Cash Live to be available on both PC and mobile devices. Quik Gaming has ensured its games have full mobile functionality, so we don’t expect any difference with this live title.

Other Releases by Quik Gaming: Once this live game is released, it will join the extensive list of live games pushed out by this developer this year. In July, Quik Gaming released the exciting Wheel of Fire live game in both single and multiplayer modes. This game brought amazing features that have kept many players entertained to date. We hope that these features will be incorporated into this recent release, and we can’t wait to see what this developer has planned.

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