Real Dealer Set to Release Real Roulette with Dave and George on July 6th

Real Dealer Set to Release Real Roulette with Dave and George on July 6th. This adds to the list of Real Roulette variants by this Studio. (Image Source:

Renowned game developer Real Dealer studios have announced its incoming release of Real Roulette versions with new croupiers Dave and George. This adds to the growing list of Real Roulette variants like Real Roulette with Sarati already provided by this developer in collaboration with Microgaming. Other notable mentions include Real Roulette with Matthew.

About the Real Roulette

Unlike the typical Live dealer games, the real roulette from Real Dealer studios does things differently. It adds a unique touch to the usual RNG-based games by depending on film directors, professional actors, and a post-production crew to provide performance without flaw from the first round of the game to the last.

As opposed to the typical live casino games, players have the benefit of enjoying extremely clear gameplay that is full of life. The game loads quickly, and there is the option to keep playing using the resume button in the event of interruptions. The games take place in a luxury but private casino where you are alone with the dealer. Every scene offers the top-of-the-line visual and amazing sound quality, thanks to an amazing engine combined with fast gameplay. Thanks to CGI technology, this game looks like a live casino game, but it is an RNG roulette title!

When the RNG randomly selects a number, for example, ‘0’, the CGI recording for ‘0’ plays out but you won’t know the result until the ball lands on the number thus the game still gives you all the thrills and spills of roulette gameplay!

Real Roulette with Dave

The Real Roulette variant with Dave is the most recent innovation in Real Studios’ live dealer releases. Like the typical real roulette from this game developer, it mixes RNG gameplay with Hollywood-level production techniques. The game comes with low volatility and a 97.20% RTP. Players can play a minimum bet of 0.25$ and a maximum bet of $1,000. These betting ranges make this game ideal for low rollers and high rollers, with an opportunity to win as high as €-£-$ 64,500.

Other features to expect from this amazing game include Special bets, Racetrack bets, Favourite bets, and full statistics!

The New Croupier – Dave

Dave, who is one fun-loving kiwi, is sure to keep players entertained throughout their stay on the table. He buzzes an energetic attitude alongside a welcoming smile. This game is slated to be released on July 6th. On this table, players can bet between €-£-$ 0.25 and €-£-$ 1,000 per coup.

Extra features on top of the traditional inside and outside bets include a racetrack, history with the last 100 results, and an indicator letting you know the percentile according to when the ball landed on each number on the wheel!

Another New Croupier – George

Also slated to be released on July 6th is another Real Roulette game with George as the croupier who comes all the way from Atlantic City where he is an experienced croupier on the roulette tables, which also makes him perfect to become part of the Real Dealer team. The features of this game are the same as the version with Dave, including a 97.20% RTP, €-£-$ 0.25 minimum bet, €-£-$ 1,000 maximum bet, and up to €-£-$ 64,500 on winnings.

George is from Atlantic City, USA. And he has been in the live dealer business for a long time. This means he brings a load of experience to the roulette table. Players can be certain of constant entertainment with his friendly presence and constant professionalism!

About Real Dealer Studios

Real Dealer Studios is a game development studio that was developed with one unique concept: that online casinos can move to the next level using movie-making magic. This studio was established in 2019 and runs its operations in Malta. The studio develops amazing new games that mix RNG gameplay with Hollywood cinematography concepts. The studio goes by a tagline states that, ‘It’s not live. It’s Real.’ This effectively captures the goal of the company to develop realistic and exquisite gaming experiences beyond what any live casino can offer players. The company consists of a talented crew who specialize in various professional fields. These range from graphic artists to software developers and film specialists.

Everyone who works in this organization is united by their passion for cinematography, quality games, and ensuring that each release has an epic quality!