SA GAMING Launch Pok Deng

SA GAMING Launch Pok Deng to add to its live casino portfolio. Pok Deng is popular in the Asian region, and will now have a broader audience (Image from

SA GAMING has released its exciting new live casino title, Pak Deng, which will join other additions like the newly added Live Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger. With already having a considerable following in the Asia region, as it is featured in many online live casinos on the continent, SA Gaming has now announced plans to introduce it to a more worldwide audience. SA Gaming is swiftly becoming one of the leaders in live casino gaming ever since it entered, and gained trust from, the Asian market.

The live casino provider continues to go from strength to strength and has picked up multiple awards for its efforts along the way, most notably at the International Gaming Award 2022 yesterday when the company took down the Austria/Asia Focused Technology Supplier of the Year.

As well as looking to attract more players to the dominant Southeast Asia region, SA gaming is hoping to tap into relatively untouched markets, where players will be being introduced to Pok Deng for the first time.

How to Play Pok Deng – A Look into the Basic Rules

For those of you that are familiar with the rules of Blackjack (which we would wager that most of you are), Pok Deng will be pretty straightforward to grasp. The simplicity of this game is one of the key characteristics that has allowed it to become a staple game in Asian casinos. There are 5 player positions, each with an additional PAIR position. The player can bet on up to 5 regular positions, and up to 5 pair positions. Each regular position will get dealt 2 cards face down, as will the dealer. All cards will be revealed, at which point, the pair with the highest value unit digit will win. The hand is valued by the unit digit of the sum of two cards when it exceeds 9 points. For instance, a 9+3=12. The unit value is 2. A 4+4=8. The unit value is 8. The 4+4 wins. All player positions are against the dealer.

Special Combinations

So this is where Pok Deng gets more complex than games like the likes of Blackjack. There are special combinations to look out for, which will result in the value of the cards being between 7.1, to 7.5. 2 cards that combine to make a unit total of 0, and are suited, results in a unit value of 7.1. A picture card (face card), with a 10, will result in a unit value of 7.2. 2 picture cards would result in 7.3. Special pairs can be dealt which include Ace, 5, 6, and 10, these are worth 7.4. Getting dealt a K, A suited translates to an Ace-King Flush, which will have a value of 7.5.

SA Gaming Products – A Host of Live Casino Content

SA Gaming is known around the globe for various live casino content. As of now, SA Gaming proudly has Baccarat variants, which include Cow Cow Baccarat, as well as a No Commission version. It also has a Live Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, and Sic Bo. These titles from SA Gaming need no introduction for regular live casino players, and no doubt the new live casino game will become a favourite for many of SA Gaming’s regular players.

Want to Learn More About Pok Deng?: Since SA Gaming announced its Pok Deng release, players have been flooding to its live casinos to get in on the action. If you feel like Pok Deng is the game for you, then you can try Pok Deng for free at the SA Gaming website. You will be given a demo balance, and you can have a more in-depth read about the rules. You can get to master the game before you head to the tables to play for real money!

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