Sun City Transformed into a Vaccination Site

Sun City Transformed into a Vaccination Site for Hospitality Staff devoted to the vaccination of South Africans from the hospitality area. (Image Source:

Sun International made a spectacular move by announcing that it will be transforming Sun City, its flagship property into a vaccination facility. This will be the first property like this, and it will be devoted to the vaccination of South Africans from the hospitality area in the resort, and it has already begun operating.

The Department of Health in the county paid a visit to Sun City to make certain that it had the capacity to safely and successfully handle the project. It has been given to go-ahead to carry out operations as a vaccination facility until the year ends. But Sun International is of the notion that the campaign will be productive and achieve its objective in two months.

Plans to Carry Out Vaccination of 7,500 South Africans

Sun International aims to vaccinate about 7,500 individuals who work in South Africa’s casino and hospitality sectors. The program will be carried out in three stages. Sun City’s Convention Center has been transformed into the vaccine center, while the Superbowl has been tagged as the project’s vaccination, discharge, and observation regions.

The service providers and employees of Sun City will first get vaccinated in phase 1. Sun International is devoted to vaccinating staff beyond the ages of 50, numbering 1,000. Next, staff in the lower age category will then get their vaccination. During the second stage, every family member of the Sun City Staff who is qualified to be vaccinated will get a shot. The third and last phase of the program will cover all the qualified individuals working in the Moses Kotane District’s hospitality sector.

As stated by Sun International, every member of staff with medical aid will see the COVID-19 vaccination cost subtracted from their funds. Staff members who do not have medical aid will have the Department of Health cover the cost of their vaccines. Throughout the length of the campaign, medical staff will be available to aid people if they need help or experience an allergic reaction to the vaccine, even though this is not something to be expected. If the need arises, patients will be moves to local hospitals.

Sun City Organizes Frequent Mass Events

Even though the idea of carrying out this type of massive campaign of such huge national significance may seem overwhelming, the executives at Sun City don’t seem to be bothered by the idea. The casino is closed due to COVID-19, so now space and convenience usually afforded to casino customers are being used for a good cause. Brett Hoppe, the casino’s General Manager, stated that:

Sun City is not new to organizing events of this size and challenge, so they are certain that the preparations for their vaccination location will be without issues.

Keneetswe Mosenogi, the MEC for North West Tourism, stated that:

The vaccination drive would aid the reopening of the casino sector. The MEC further added that everyone could go back to normal, and all tourists will be certain that when they interact with anyone, the person will be vaccinated. Mosenogi added that he believed this would be a lifeline for every party involved.

She wrapped up her statement by stating that if anyone had to travel, they must be vaccinated, and this will provide some level of confidence to travellers that they have been vaccinated, and when they visit Sun City or the establishments surrounding it, they can relax knowing that they have been vaccinated.

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