TCSJOHNHUXLEY Africa Leadership Course

TCSJOHNHUXLEY Africa continues leadership program that is helping South Africans to land jobs in the iGaming industry. (Image by 10741031 on

In 2021, TCSJOHNHUXLEY will continue its African based leadership program specifically in South Africa. The company, well-known in the casino industry for producing and providing physical roulette wheels, links up with umAfrika Gaming Technologies to help young South Africans seek employment in what is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country – gaming.

With the combined resources of umAfrika Gaming Technologies and TCSJOHNHUXLEY, 2021’s program was a remarkable success. That was the follow up of the same program brought to South Africa in 2016, which was the first of its kind, followed by 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. The program selected 10 students from higher learning institutions. They were tested on various capabilities over a year, and those that succeed are set for a promising/lucrative career in gaming – this could be IT engineering or the physical engineering of the roulette wheel, which TCSJOHNHUXLEY specialises in.

The idea of the program is to develop young students in Africa with various skill sets. On top of this, the participants also receive on-the-job experience of a real-world environment they can see exactly what’s involved and whether this line of work is for them. Croupiers and dealers are obviously one option, but the key objective is to expand the human capital of IT/tech experts that could then work and contribute to the iGaming and other gambling operations in the country.
Currently, the country has a shortage of qualified engineering technicians, and this program can expose the fact that there are career paths into the gaming tech side of the industry. However, the program is already producing new skilled iGaming and casino gaming IT experts. Nosipho Fakude, one of the ten students in the 2021 course, said how the program has opened his eyes to the engineering industry in iGaming thanks to umAfrika Gaming Technologies and TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Presumably, the skills learned could also lead to a path to work abroad. With big-name live dealer brands like Evolution, Ezugi, TVBET, and Pragmatic Play already operating in the country licensing, frameworks slowly coming into action, and a fast-growing iGaming industry with live dealer studios likely to land in the country any time in the next half a decade, new job opportunities will arise. And as with most foreign investment deals, one of the key selling points for gaming companies is the creation of jobs.

 Pragmatic Play already has a deal with CDP Technologies in the country, and it has strong ties with TCSJOHNHUXLEY, which provides Pragmatic Play Live studios with its roulette wheels. Evolution has licenses in the country, while Ezugi has set up a live lotto program in the country. The country is set for immense growth and leadership programs like these will help enhance the availability of a capable workforce.

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