FruitRace Live Lottery Upgraded

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TVBet upgrades its live FruitRace title, released in September 2020, with new sounds and a brand new design to boot to increase player engagement in what has become a hit lottery game with the live casino software manufacturer.

In line with the current TVBet UI/UX product improvement strategy, this is one of many live titles that will undergo a revamp to bring a new look and feel to the brand’s live casino games, while TVBet also continues its global expansion and new game releases. Numerous noticeable improvements to the FruitRace lottery game’s sound effects admittedly make the game far more interesting and exciting.

Whereas in the past the lottery balls produced quite an annoying sound when they emerged from the lottery dispenser, this has been removed while the game now produces new sounds for the ball rotation phase at the beginning of the round, plus there are sounds for when the balls hit the area where players compare their numbers to the numbers produced. Adding to this, there the background theme tune has been slightly improved!

Back in 2020 TVBet conducted a UX analysis to see how it could improve some of its games, and as a result of that analysis, changes to the sounds and music on the FruitRace game came!

How The Game Is played!

This is a lottery style game that takes the fruits from the classic slots scene and lines them up on the left-hand side of a fruit racing track. The fruits are 3 lemons (yellow) at the bottom, with 3 cherries (red) above, 3 plums (purple) above this, and a red 7 at the top! That makes 10 fruits while there are 10 balls each with fruit symbols printed on them. The red 7 is an orange ball.

The balls race around the track and then stack up in the tube at the top of the game. Next, the balls drop one by one into the comparison area. If a ball matches its corresponding fruit on the left, this counts as a combination. And this game couldn’t be easier to play either. All you need to do is place a bet, sit back, and watch the combinations roll in. Simply put, the more combinations that come as a result of the race, the higher the multiplier of your bet to which you can win up to 900x your bet for all 10 balls matching. To qualify for a payout, there needs to be at least 4 matching balls.

Another bonus to this game is that if the Red 7 comes in as the last ball, no matter how many combinations there are, you will get a 30x multiplier on your bet, which adds to the fun! The game comes with a bet history for the last 4 game results; it is played live via webcam with a presenter, and the previous top 3 wins are also displayed. To find this title, check out any TVBet casinos as it is live and ready to go!

FruitRace Multiplier Wins

  • 4 matching balls = x1
  • 5 matching balls = x2
  • 6 matching balls = x5
  • 7 matching balls = x15
  • 8 matching balls = x90
  • 10 matching balls = x900
  • Red 7 = x30

TVBet Recent Game Releases & Game Portfolio!

Just recently, TVBet released 4 new game titles in one hit. There were Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, 7Up 7Down, and 32 Cards for the Asian market, but we are still expecting to reach European, Canadian, and other markets very soon. For the time being, the TVBet demo game channel offers FruitRace, 1Bet, Lucky6, Backgammon, Wheel, Poker, War, 21Bet, Joker, 5Bet, 7Bet, and Live Keno. It is a pretty impressive set of games that offer any online casino a chance to diversify their live dealer game portfolio with games not produced by the likes of Playtech Live or Evolution.

We will see more games, and more upgrades in the near future, so don’t forget to check back for more TVBet news as when it happens!

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