Lucky Money 88x Baccarat Multiplier

‘A brand new Evolution live title hits live casinos! Red Envelope Baccarat Live Promo can land players with an 88x lucky money multiplier!’ ((Image from

Evolution has brought out a brand-new Red Envelope Baccarat Live title that comes with up to 88x multipliers!

Just as we were thinking what possible novel ways are there to spice up the game of Baccarat, Evolution releases a title whereby the stand out feature centres around a red envelope containing multipliers that could randomly land in your lap! The base game’s gameplay is essentially the same as Live baccarat with 8 decks in play, side bets, as well as the banker, player, and tie bets; however, to spice up the action, Evolution adds the chance to win up to 88x multipliers by dealing out the prize in the same way as players receive cards!

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that Red Envelope Baccarat Live sounds like a spin-off of Lightning Baccarat, yet, although both games do offer players the chance to multiply their stakes, as you will find out below, the multiplier payout mechanics between the two are slightly different!

The game will also attract plenty of Chinese players as it is using an age-old Chinese concept of lucky money which is given to friends and family using a red envelope. The colour red is also a sign of good luck in Chinese culture, and of course, baccarat is considered the most popular card game in Asia and amongst Asian culture.

If you happen to have the chance to visit Macau, you will see an abundance of baccarat tables often outnumbering blackjack which is a rare feature if you play in a land-based casino in places like Las Vegas, Melbourne, London, or Atlantic City! Therefore, it seems that this combination of red colours, a red envelope, and multipliers is no accident! Meanwhile, the game will also attract not just those looking for an extra shot at winning a prize on the side!

Did you know? To celebrate Chinese New Year a.k.a. the Lunar New Year, in Chinese culture people pack red envelopes with cash and give them to friends and family! Who said money is an insensitive gift? This is the perfect way to get out of all hustle-bustle of choosing the right gift, or the wrong one even with good intentions! However, Evolution has come with a way to offer lucky multipliers using the Chinese New Year tradition of red envelopes, and we all know multipliers are a welcome gift!

Mechanics Of The Red Envelope Multiplier Explained!

As players play baccarat betting, as usual, red envelopes can randomly generate at any time on the Tie, Banker Pair, or Player Pair betting positions. This could happen on just one betting position or all three betting positions in any given round after the countdown timer expires and the dealer confirms all player bets are down. The red envelope will then fluster in an animated scene on the sport revealing the multiplier players could win if their bet is successful. Evolution describes this as a ‘higher payout’, which pays between 11x and 88x the bet!

  • Tie Bet: multipliers are between 11 and 88
  • Banker Bet: multipliers are between 15 and 88
  • Player Bet: multipliers are between 15 and 88

A Much Needed Add-On To The Evolution Live Game Catalogue

Red Envelope Baccarat Live is a fantastic add on to the current crop of baccarat variants under the Evolution brand name, and also something that we feel is very much needed because, for all live casino brands, 2021 has been quiet on the Western front with few new game releases. That said, a joint NetEnt/Evolution effort to bring the two brands together in the eyes of the iGaming world has also arrived in the form of is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt which is a mix of the NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest slot theme and live casino game show entertainment which may also encourage fans of NetEnt slot to check out the rest of Evolution’s live casino game collection. And, now from adventures with the outlandish and lovable Gonzo to Chinese style ‘Lucky Money’ envelopes over on the baccarat tables, Evolution once again takes its portfolio of game titles to another level!

Lightning Baccarat: The last baccarat title with multipliers that came out of the Evolution camp was Lightning Baccarat which has some similar traits to the Red Envelope Baccarat Live title! On lightning baccarat 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x multipliers are randomly added to 1 to 5 card values. If that card turns up on the banker pair or player pair, any players that bet on the hand will have their bet multiplied accordingly if the hand wins.  Back in December last year we reported that a combination of multipliers paid out a 6-digit win of €228,573!


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