BetGamesTV Wheel of Fortune Upgrade

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The winner of the SBC 2020 ‘Live Casino Supplier’ of the year award, BetGamesTV just announced the official release of its upgraded Wheel of Fortune live casino game and dedicated studio, plus the time between games has now been reduced so you can play more often!

After the live dealer game provider’s recent upgrades to Dice Duel and War of Bets titles were so successful, it decided Wheel of Fortune was next in line! Earlier in the month reported that the live casino brand has already given away their plans to upgrade Wheel of Fortune, and now the revamped version is finally is here and ready for action.

For starters, BetGamesTV built a brand-new shiny studio and set with bright flashing lights, which looks pretty amazing. The game has also undergone a redesign with a more modern looking wheel design without changing the original wheel segment count, colours, or numbers. And on the side is a number indicator that shows the results of the game in a large box as a swanky extra!

Same Wheel New Experience: The upgrade did not affect the gameplay or betting. You still get the same wheel with the same betting options and the same number of segments as the original, but with lot’s of extras to enhance the player experience!

Faster Game Speeds & Game Initiation Button

One of the issues with the old Wheel of Fortune by BetGamesTV was the waiting time between spins. Once the spin ended, there was a 5-minute until the next spin. Players would need to go off and get involved in other BetGamesTV titles while they waited. However, all that has changed.

Now you just have to wait 80 seconds for the next spin to come around. Spin speeds are also faster to accommodate the 1-minute gap between each game. The 5-minute wait was a little arduous for those that enjoy this unique wheel of fortune game title that offers something different to the usual Dream Catcher and Mega Wheel titles, which are the closest comparative wheel of fortune titles to BetGamesTV version.

New Immersive Camera Views & Full-Screen Mode

In addition to all this, there are now 2 camera views as opposed to 1 giving players a more immersive gameplay experience. The initial camera begins head-on for the spin action, and the camera switched to a post-spin camera with the presenter standing next to the resulting number. And players have the option to bring the game into full screen using a full-screen mode which was not available on the previous version.

New Odds Stats for Those That Love Their Probability

Another new noticeable addition is the odd stats that appear in between each spin. During the countdown to the next game, players can check which sectors of the BetGamesTV wheel of fortune are running hot or running cold! Go for cold if you feel the wheel needs to swing back in line with probability or opt to choose bets that cover the area of the wheel that is on a fiery streak—a very neat touch to the game, we must say!

Button Operate Wheel Spins

All that being said, the introduction of a button to operate wheel spins may not be something all live dealer players are happy with. Most players prefer to see the presenter spin the wheel to guarantee there is no RNG in action. Whether this recent addition takes away the natural authenticity of the game, only time will tell when we see some more feedback from BetGamesTV fans!+

Overall, the team at BetGamesTV has done a first-class job of the upgrade, keeping the original gameplay and bets while giving players extra features. Although a simple touch, we especially like the full-screen option, while of course the reduction in time between spins to speed up the number of spins per hour gets our top vote if we had to rank the fresh additions!

BetGamesTV Wheel of Fortune Upgrades

  • Same wheel, same segments, same bets!
  • Waiting times reduced from 5 minutes to 80 seconds
  • Brand new dedicated live studio and set
  • New wheel design with the same numbers
  • 2 camera views for an immersive experience
  • Full screen option now available for mobile & desktop
  • New odds stats showing hot & cold areas of the wheel
  • Button operated wheel spins

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